• ÖNH-dagarna i Linköping 2018Amellnova participated as an exhibitor at the ENT days in Linköping April 10-13 2018. The meeting gathered 475 Swedish ENT specialists.

  • Amellnova participated as an exhibitor at Tema Hörsel March 13-15 2018 in Örebro. The meeting gathered 370 audiologists.

    Tema Hörsel 2018

  • Otivova presented for Danish ENT doctors

    Amellnova participates as an exhibitor at the annual meeting of Danish Society of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery (DSOHH) at Hotel Nyborg Strand, April 20 – 21. The meeting is attended by 250 Ear-Nose-Throat specialists. Otinova has recently been introduced to the Danish market and this is the first time the antibiotic-free non-prescription ear spray is presented to Danish ENT doctors.

  • Otinova presented for Norwegian ENT doctors

    Last week Otinova presented in Norway at the annual meeting for Ear-Nose-Throat specialists at the Grand Hotel in Oslo. There were 170 doctors from across the country present along with 25 exhibitors. The most exciting for Otinovas part was the high awareness of Otinova within the Norwegian health care system. The feedback is that Otinova is used, that Otinova is efficient, that Otinova is easy to use as it is available without prescription and that Otinova has been a very well received product that helps to reduce the use of antibiotics related to inflammation of the ear canal.

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